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Welcome to Nordland kunst- og filmfagskole



Program of Study

Nordland kunst- og filmfagskole is a specialist school for students who want to work within moving images and who’s ambition it is to become an artist and filmmaker. The school’s aim is to inspire the student’s individual voice. It also aims to give students a greater understanding and knowledge of the complexity and the importance that moving images play in our society today.


Nordland kunst- og filmfagskole offers a two year vocational course in film and a two year vocational course in visual art. Some of the teaching will be mutual between the two courses.


About the Studies


The education is largely based on self-directed learning, which means that the student has the responsibility to acquire knowledge and skills in the development of their own practice. It requires a high degree of independence and ability to organize your own work in order to complete the study.  

Students at Nordland kunst- og filmfagskole are introduced to a wide range of practices within moving images and visual art. They receive individual tutorials and mentoring from practicing artists and filmmakers who reflect diversity within the field. The school’s mission is to encourage each student to reflect; to see; and to create.

First semester provides basic introduction to art and film theory and the facilitation of practical exploration and experimentation of different forms of expression. In different technical courses the students will learn how to make use of the School’s resources. The studies follows this structure with exams after each semester:



Duraction per semester


The student’s own practise

Equivalent 15 SP

Development and production of their own work, individual tutorials and technical courses.

Group criticism of practice

Equivalent 5 SP

The students will reflect and analyze their own and their fellow student’s work through viewing their own works with a subsequent discussion. The group criticism will be lead by each student’s menthor.

Thematical courses

Equivalent 6 SP

The students pick from a variety of workshops, seminars and lectures led by the School’s academic profession and guest teachers. The tutorials will in different ways connect theory and practice, and may include different artistical practices, technical specializations, dans, theater, social and political issues, culture theory, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, architecture, literature, music, film and so on.

Writing practice

Equivalent 2 SP

Writing courses and seminars are offered to provide technical writing skills and practice the students' ability to written reflection. Script, application for funding support, press release, artist statement, critical reflection, reports and so on.

Viewing and publishing practices

Equivalent 2 SP

Presenting their own work in the public domain is central in this course. Viewing and publishing may have a variety of forms. The students will test and can present their work in a movie theater, a gallery, an exhibition, in a publication or any form of public presentation.



Admission requirements


Admission will be based on the material submitted. The best qualified proceed to interview. Interview takes place in person or video conference.

Admissions committee considers the applicant's

  • Qualifications and experience
  • Motivation
  • Independence
  • Original and creative abilities







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